Friday, November 04, 2005

Algerian National Support Committee

Algerian Committee of support condemns the assassination of Martyr Lembarki
Algiers, 04/11/2005 (SPS) Algerian National Committee of solidarity with Saharawi people (CNASPS) vividly condemned "the odious, horrible, barbarian and colonialist crime" committed by the Moroccan authorities against Martyr Lembarki Hamdi, last Sunday in El Aaiun, due to his participation to peaceful demonstrations claiming for his people’s right to self-determination and independence.
In a press release publicised Friday in Algiers, CNASPS also denounced "the policy of colonisation adopted by Morocco in Western Sahara" and called on the international conscience and UN’s bodies to intervene so as to "put an end to this immoral situation", that the Committee qualified as "crime against humanity".
On another hand, the Committee called for the "the immediate end of human rights violations in the occupied territories and the protection of the persons and goods as well as the assurance of free access to the international Medias and independent observers to the Saharawi territory, which is occupied by Morocco".
Further, the Committee asked for sanctions against Morocco "so as to compel it conform to the international law and accept the enforcement of UN’s Security Council’s resolutions", which aim at enabling Saharawi people exercise their right to self-determination through a free, regular and impartial referendum. (SPS)

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