Thursday, December 15, 2005

Marrakech-Morocco famous by its touristic sights, now is a place of the violation human right by the Morocco police

Marrakech, 14/12/2005 (SPS) Moroccan corps of security attacked Saharawi students, who were organising informative days, in the university of Marrakech, on the nature of the question of the Western Sahara and the Moroccan human rights violations in the occupied territories, on Tuesday. They wounded some of the students and destroyed the expositions n the materials the students were using for this action, reported a student source to SPS.

"Due to the success of the expositions, conferences and debates Saharawi students initiated with Moroccan students during the first day of this initiative on the Saharawi question and on the Moroccan violations of human rights in Western Sahara, Moroccan authorities attacked the Saharawi students in the place where this action is organised destroying everything", the same source indicated.

Saharawi students resisted the attack and were able to push the attackers away from the university after a real battle, to which units of GUS, force of intervention and more than 50 agents in civil took part, the same source added.

Saharawi students organised after that a demonstration of protest chanting slogans in favour of Saharawi people’s right to freedom such as: "violence does not intimidate us and death would not exterminate us", "no other alternative to self-determination", "No to autonomy the independence of the Sahara is to come", "long live e popular front", among others.

Saharawi students of the University of Marrakech had organised since Monday morning "a constructive informative action", the same source added, "animating discussions in the university with the Moroccan students, exposing pictures of Saharawi victims of the last events, presenting to the students the reports of international organisations on the situation, among other activities. But the Moroccan authorities were not late to intervene as usual".

The goal of this days was "to raise the awareness of the Moroccan citizen an represent them the reality about the behaviour of the Moroccan Government in the Saharawi territories, Rabat is illegally occupying since its invasion of the Western Sahara in 1975, and to start a dialogue between the students of the two peoples", the same source added. (SPS)

060/090/000 140240 Dec 05 SPS

NGOs denounce the prompt entombment of victims of the events of June 1981 in Morocco

Rabat, 14/12/2005 (SPS) Three Moroccan human rights’ NGOs declared on Tuesday to be concerned about the "destruction of material evidences" of the victims of the demonstrations of June the 21st 1981, whose dead bodies were found in collective graves in a Moroccan military Base that were buried two days before.

In a letter to the procurer of the king of the court of Casablanca, lawyers of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH), the Forum Truth and Justice an the Moroccan Organisation for Human Rights (OMDH) estimated that the burial of these victims is a "destruction of material evidences on crimes an a damaging of the dead bodies". On his part, the Committee of the victims of the events of June 1981 denounced this act of interment of 77 dead bodies found in three common graves, estimating that this operation supervised by the judicial authorities of Casa Casablanca and the Instance Fairness an Reconciliation, as "a way of hiding the truth" on what happened. The Moroccan human rights organisations as well as the Committee of the victims of the events of June 1981 stressed on the "necessity to identify the victims" and to brought the responsible of these crimes before justice. (SPS)010/090/700 141550 dec 05 SPS


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