Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Morocco still deloying more troop in the Occupied territories of W.Sahara against the Saharawi population !!! And the world still idle >>>

20 000 New Moroccan soldiers deployed in the Occupied T.Western Sahara

20.000 New Moroccan soldiers in civil clothes, deployed in the occupied cities of Western Sahara

El Aaiun (occupied capital of Western Sahara), 14/12/2005 (SPS) Moroccan Government reinforced its military and security apparatus in the occupied cities of Western Sahara "with new military units, composed of 20.000 soldiers, wearing civil clothes", SPS’s sources in the occupied territories affirmed.

"The first units, of 20.000 Moroccan soldiers, trained to street wars were deployed, by Rat, in the occupied cities of Western Sahara to reinforce the military and security apparatus already installed in the region. These new units are wearing civil clothes and will have to help the other Moroccan security and military corps in their daily repression against the Saharawi population, in uprising for the almost 7 months so far", one of the sources indicted.

This Monday, "units of this new repressive corps were deployed in intermediate and secondary schools in El Aaiun, while others in buses accompanied with military jeeps headed south after a brief passage in the Saharawi capital", the source added.

"The question is: Why are military forces wearing civil clothes deployed in Saharawi streets and schools?", one of the sources wondered, estimating that the only answer is that Rabat is decided "to support its policy of close repression against the Saharawi population, increasing the visible state of siege already ensured by the forces of police, GUS, armed forces and secret services in the different occupied cities of Western Sahara and south Morocco, and strengthen it with another state of siege, this time less notable, or at least hardly detectable".

"PWorst, the same source adds, I would say that Rabat is decided to keep on with its strategy of intimidation, torture assassination in public adopted against Saharawi demonstrators. And we still have a recent example on this strategy with the two odious crimes committed against two Martyrs, Hamdi Lembarki and Lekhlifi Aba Cheikh", two young Saharawis assassinated by Moroccan authorities in October in El Aaiun for the first and in December for the second in Tan Tan.

The President of the Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, recently called on UN’s Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to protect the Saharawi civil population in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, underlining that the measures of repression against this population, in addition of been "violating the most fundamental human rights’ and international laws’ norms, are pushing the situation to collective massacres", it should be recalled. (SPS)

France and Western Sahara

Adoption of the Status of the Committee of solidarity with the Saharawi people "CORELSO" in Paris

Paris, 13/12/2005 (SPS) The members of the Committee for the respect of freedoms and human rights in Western Sahara (CORELSO) adopted, with the presence of a Representative of Amnesty International, on Monday evening in Paris, the status of this new French Association that is struggling for "Saharawi people’s right for self-determination", reported Algerian Press Service, APS.
"Since the end of May, Saharawi population in the occupied zones claim for their right to self-determination via strong peaceful demonstrations. Moroccan forces of occupation answered this demonstrations with a violent repression", the members of the Committee stated.
"In the face of this repression and of the intensification of human rights violations", teachers, employees, searchers and human rights’ activists decided to create the CORELSO.
In the 2nd article of its adopted constitution, CORESLSO underlined that i twill work for "the respect of the freedoms and of human rights in the territories of Western Sahara under Moroccan occupation".

The Committee, which is based in Ivry, near Paris, also has got as an objective to "act for the release of Saharawi political prisoners", and to "defend Saharawi people’s right to self-determination and to the exploitation of the natural resources of their territory conforming to the international law".
The Representative of the French Section of Amnesty International gave a briefing on the actions undertaken by her organisation for the defence of human rights in Western Sahara.

She referred to the report lately issued by her NGO, from London, in which it expressed concerns that "8 human rights’ activist were targeted because of their leading action for the defence of the fundamental rights and because of their publicly expressed position in favour of Saharawi people’s right to self-determination".
Amnesty International’s Representative further indicated that her organization has dispatched lawyers in El Aaiun to participate to the defence of the Saharawi human rights activists, who are brought before Moroccan colonial court for "dubious and unfair" accusations, American Human Rights Watch lately said.
010/090/700 131056 dec 05 SPS

Saharawi Student In El Aaiun brutalised by Moroccan settlers

Saharawi students in El Aaiun brutalised by Moroccan settlers
El Aaiun, 13/12/2005(SPS) Saharawi students of the secondary school of Cooperation and of Lyssan Edin, in El Aaiun, were brutalised on Monday by Moroccan settlers for having lifted the flags of the Saharawi Republic in the entry of their school, reported concordant sources to SPS.

On Monday morning, before class, all the students of he secondary school of Cooperation rallied around a 4 meters long flag of the Saharawi Republic, which was lifted in front of their establishment, and on which was written " for the independence of Western Sahara and the evacuation of the Moroccan settlers".
At the same moment in the secondary school of Lissan Edin, many slogans an photocopies of the flag of the Saharawi Republic were distributed and dispersed in the hall o the school, the same source indicated.
As a result to these operations, the Pacha of the occupied city of El Aaiun, accompanied with some secret agents arrested many students, in the mentioned schools an many others, it was indicated.
The same Moroccan colonial official gathered more than 25 students of the same schools to force them sign a document of which the content is still ignored, but the students were unanimous in refusing to sign what pushed the Pacha to ill-treat them and arrest them after that, the same source indicated.
For this reason the Saharawi population organised demonstrations n many streets of the city of El Aaiun, especially in the street "Sidi Mohamed Dedech", to express their unhappiness and rejection of the behaviours of the Moroccan settlers. They chanted slogans claiming for the Saharawi people’s right to self-determination and lifted the flags of the SAD, before they were severely repressed by Moroccan forces in the streets "Ali Salem Tamek", the same source added.(SPS)
040/090/000/TRD 131330 dec 05 SPS

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