Saturday, September 15, 2007

Soultana Khayya in Stockholm


Saharawi student and victim of torture visits Sweden in a speaking tour



The Saharawi student, Ms. Soultana Khayya, who lost an eye last May under torture by Moroccan police last May, undertakes a speaking tour to Sweden since Wednesday, a source from the Saharawi representation in the Scandinavia countries indicated.

The young woman was bashed by a group of Moroccan police agents last May in her university campus when she was arrested during a peaceful demonstration. She lost an eye because of the torture, and was re-tortured by the same agents while she was transported in an ambulance.

The student started a speaking tour and a visit to Sweden, following an invitation from the Swedish Western Sahara Committee to raise awareness about the human rights situation in the occupied zone of her country, it was indicated.

On Wednesdsay, Soultana Khayya, accompanied by her sister, Oum El Moumnin Khayya, met with Ulla Eriksson-Moberg, from the Middle East and North Africa Department, in Stockholm.

She also had an interview with journalist Seluah Alsaati, and met with Camilla Navestad, an international law expert.

On Thursday, the young lady met with Parliamentarians Hillevi Larsson, Magdalena
Streijffert, Bodil Ceballos and Hans Arvidsson, the International Secretary of the left party at the Parliament.

The same day, the young Saharawi student animated a Seminar, at the Head quarter of Kristna Freds, about the human right situation in Western Sahara and the repression carried out against her compatriots and against Saharawi Students in Moroccan universities.

The organisin committed of Khaya’s tour also organised another Seminar, the same day, at ABF house, Sveavägen 41, it was indicated.

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