Wednesday, December 07, 2005


"Long life SADR" , refrendum is "the only solution "
The Saharawi population under a strong Moroccan repression


TanTan (south Morocco), 06/11/2005(SPS) The city of TanTan was shocked about the assassination of Saharawi citizen, Likhlipha Abba Cheikh, Saturday evening in TanTan, by Moroccan policeman Ahmed Nejib, for having refused to give him bribe, reported concordant sources.

35 years old, father to two children, Likhlipha Abba Cheikh was wlking in a street near his house when a Moroccan policeman stopped him and ordered him to pay a sum of money. Mr. Likhlipha, who did not have the sum said he can not and continued his way but the Moroccan policeman attacked him an started beating him to death with his luncheon.

The next day, in the early morning, all the inhabitants of TanTan, rallied in a sit-in in front o the Mayoralty of the city to denounce this brutal crime and chanting slogans calling for Saharawi people’s right to self-determination and to the respect of human rights.

The sit-in, which continued to a very late hour of the evening turned to be a big demonstration that marched through the streets of the city, starting from the Street of the Coasts, passing by Hassan II Street and Moctar Soussi Street before ending in the Bir Nzaran Avenue, where the crime was committed.

In the place of the crime, the demonstrators stopped for a last prayer on the soul of the victim and on Martyr Hamdi Lembarki, another Saharawi young man who was assassinated last October the 29th in El Aaiun and who is still not buried because Moroccan authorities fears Saharawi population organise a popular funeral for him. (SPS)

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