Friday, January 20, 2006

Karen Scheele European Parliament

Karen Scheele happy about the release of Aminatou Haidar and ask for the release of all Saharawi political prisoners
Brussels, 19/01/06 (SPS) The President of the European Parliament's intergroup 'Peace for the Saharawi people' expressed, on Wednesday, her satisfaction about the release of Saharawi human rights activist, Mrs. Aminatu Haidar, calling on the Moroccan State to release all Saharawi political prisoners, according to a source from the Saharawi Representation in Brussels.
"We are happy about this information without forgetting that there are more than 55 Saharawi political prisoners, still under custody in Moroccan prisons because of unjust sentences", Mrs. Scheele declared in a press release she publicised on the occasion.
The European Parliamentarian also asked for "their immediate release, the immediate stopping of the repression against the Saharawi population and the respect of human rights in Western Sahara as well as in Morocco, in addition of the enforcement of the peace process supervised by the United Nations for the organisation of a just, transparent and free referendum, which will allow the Saharawi people to freely exercise their right to self-determination".
On another hand, she "asked the Moroccan Government to give Aminatou Haidar her civil rights back , so as she can exercise her rights to circulation, exercise her political activities without pressures as well as to give her all the documents she needs to travel if she wants".
Saharawi human rights activists and political prisoner, Mrs. Aminatou Haidar, was released this Tuesday by the Moroccan colonial authorities after she served 7 months imprisonment in very bad conditions in the notorious Carcel Negra (black jail) in El Aaiun, reported the correspondent of SPS on the ground, it should be recalled. (SPS)

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