Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Woman Aborted under touture


A Saharawi woman aborted under torture during a new demonstration in Boujdour
Boujdour(occupied territories), 13/12/2005 (SPS) A Saharawi woman, Mahfoudha Laseiri, aborted under torture during new demonstrations that took place on Monday, while three other Saharawi citizens were seriously injured, including her youngest son, Said Mohamed Fenich, and Abdellah Mohamed El Haj, who is now paralyzed because he was wounded in his head, the correspondent of SPS reported.
Mrs. Mahfoudha Laseiri, who was trying to bring help to her youngest son, Said Mohamed Fenich, wounded at the level of his chest and head, was savagely beaten by the torturers Mohamed Jlit and Abderrahmane El Kaoui, provoking her abortion, the same source indicated.

Moroccan repressive forces brutally intervened, with all their corps, to disperse the demonstrations of the students of intermediate and secondary schools, to which also the inhabitants of the Colomina street took part, claiming for Saharawi people right to self-determination and independence.
A yung Saharawi girl, Tfarah Abeilil was injured at the level of her shoulders and head and an old Saharawi citizen, Mrs. Mariem Said, was beaten by the torturer Aberrahmane El Kaoui and Commandant Abdallah, while Toueilia El Mabrouk, was wounded at the level of the head an eyes, it was indicated.
Three persons were detained, Limam El Markhi, Mariem Babeyt and Hamia Teslem, besides four other students who are still not identified, the correspondent of SPS added.
On another hand, Saharawi political prisoner El Agdadi Ali, who is currently detained in Tiznit, was subjected to torture in his cell by the director of the prison and a group of his employees, who handcuffed him and ransacked his personal belongings.

The political prisoner decided thus to undertake an unlimited hunger strike to denounce this barbarian act.
Peaceful demonstrations took place last Thursday and Friday in Boujdour, during which Saharawi demonstrators reconfirmed their rejection of the colonial occupation of their country claiming for their right to self-determination and independence and lifting the flags of SADR and pictures of Saharawi political prisoners, it should be recalled. (SPS)
020/090/000/TRD 131310 Dec 05 SPS


The Spanish 2005 Human Rights' Price attributed to Polisario Front
Madrid, 12/12/2005 (SPS) The Spanish Human Rights Association (APDHE) of the Human Rights Price of 2005 to the Polisario Front, the Association announced in a letter it addressed to the President of the Saharawi Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, of which SPS received a copy.
APDHE dedicated its International Price to Polisario Front, "for having honourably represented the Saharawi people with courage for their struggle for independence" and for "the solidarity it showed to the African citizens despite the fact that you put your lives in dangers for the defence of human rights", the letter stressed.
The ceremony of the reception of the Price will be organised during a dinner offered this December the 15th 2005 in a hotel in Madrid, it was indicated. (SPS)
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