Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tan Tan, south of Morocco in solidarity with the Saharawi people

Big demonstration o solidarity with the Martyr of TanTan
Tan Tan, 11/12/2005(SPS) The inhabitants of the city of Tan Tan (south Morocco) organised last Saturday in TanTan, a big demonstration of solidarity with the Saharawi Martyr of their city, Likhlipha Abba Cheikh, assassinated by a police officer last December the 03rd, indicated concordant sources to SPS.
On the occasion of the international day of human rights, which intervenes one week after the odious assassination of the young Saharawi Likhlifi in TanTan, Saharawi inhabitants of this south Moroccan city marched in a big peaceful demonstration to denounce "repression and discrimination", to which Saharawis are victims by the Moroccan local authorities, the same sources indicated.
Chanting slogan of freedom and claiming for Saharawi people’s right to self-determination, the demonstrators marched through the streets of the city, from the Bir N'zaran Avenue, Ibn Sina’s, El Aarbi Massoud Avenue (in the past called Hassan II’s), to rally near the Mayoralty where Moroccan forces sealed the demonstration an dispersed the participants, it was indicated.

UN urged again to assume its responsibilities

Assassination of Lekhlifa: Abdelaziz asks Annan to protect the olonised Saharawi population
Bir Lehlu (liberated territories), 11/12/2005 (SPS) The President of the Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, called on the UN’s Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to protect the Saharawi civil population in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, after "the coward and odious assassination by the Moroccan authorities of the Saharawi citizen Lekhlifa Abba Cheikh Ould Embarek Ould Ely, last Saturday the 02n December near his home in TanTan", (south Morocco).
"Considering the deterioration of the situation that prevails in the occupied Saharawi territories, especially after the coward and odious assassination by the Moroccan authorities of the Saharawi citizen Lekhlifa Abba Cheikh Ould Embarek Ould Ely, last Saturday the 02nd December near his home in TanTan, in the south of Morocco, I can but write you again about the situation", the Head of the State wrote in a letter he addressed to Mr. Annan.
Mr. Abdelaziz underlined that "this assassination, which has absolutely no justification, of this Saharawi citizen, pushing his family and all Saharawi people, anew, to grievance, explains the concern we expressed in previous letters". Therefore, "there is an urgent need to intervene so as to ensure and protect Saharawi population, ho are under real danger", he stressed.
He also indicated that "the measures of repression against the Saharawi population in the occupied territories, which as violating the most fundamental human rights’ and international laws’ norms, are pushing the situation to collective massacres that can be committed at any moment" by the Moroccan regime.
"Moroccan authorities continue to suppress and violently set against Saharawi citizens for having peacefully demonstrated to claim for the enforcement of the UN’s resolutions regarding Western Sahara, mainly the implementation of Saharawi people’s right to self-determination", Mr. President added.
On another hand, the Head of the State asked for the intervention of Mr. Annan vis-à-vis the Moroccan Government so as to compel it "respect human rights an international legality and put an end to such acts of provocation that push to the escalade and to the destabilisation of a region that longs for peace and stability ".
Mr. Abdelaziz regretted that the premeditated assassination of another Saharawi citizen intervenes one month after the death under torture of the young Martyr of the intifada, Lembarki Hamdi, at the end of October. A "crime, whose executors and commanders stay unpunished". (SPS)

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