Saturday, September 22, 2007

Polisario Representative In Finnish Parliament "Eduskunta"

Yahioui Lamine In Finland

Polisario Front Representative to the Nordic Countries, Mr. Yahiaoui Lamine, undertook a work visit to Helsinki, from September the 17 to the 21, to brief the Finish political parties and government on the latest developments in Western Sahara.

The Saharawi diplomat was thus received at the Finish Foreign ministry by Anna Gebrenedhgin, deputy Director of Africa and middle East department and Pauliina Hellman-Field, program officer, to talk about the latest political development in Western Sahara and the outcomes of the two rounds of direct negotiations between POLISARIO Front and Morocco that took place in June and August under the auspices of UN.

Mr Lamine drew the attention of his Finnish interlocutors to the fact that the conflict of Western Sahara is a decolonization question. That Western Sahara was registered by the UN, since 1963, as a Non-Self-Governing Territory, and thus the Saharawi people should exercise their inalienable right to self-determination and decide the status of their country in a free, democratic and genuine way in accordance with the UN Charter and international law.

"It becomes imperative that the European countries defend actively the rights of the Saharawi people as stipulated in the deferent UN resolutions. Explicitly or implicitly ignoring the moral and political responsibility of the international community towards the Saharawi plight will only encourage the Moroccan occupation to inflict more suffering to innocent people and prolong this long conflict much longer", Lamine said.

The Saharawi representative handed over a letter, to his interlocutors, addressed from the Saharawi authorities to H.E Mr Likka Kanerva, the Finnish Foreign Minister.

In the Finnish Parliament, "Eduskunta", the Saharawi diplomat met with politicians and members of parliament from different political parties, mainly Tero Shemeikka International Secretary of SDP Sari Essayah, Secretary General of the Christian Democrat, Jari Haapiainnen, International Secretary of Center party, Pekka Haavesto, MP foreign affairs committee of the Finnish Parliament, Jukka Manninen, Secretary for International Affairs of National Coalition Party, Jacob Soderman MP (SDP), Tiina Hankkarainen, assistant of Helevi Jarvinen (MP Green party), Turo Bergman International Secretary of left alliance party

In all his discussions, Mr. Lamine underlined the "boiling situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara resulted from the accumulation of the Moroccan repression policy against the Saharawi people and the implementation of the strategy of isolation of this occupied zone, in addition to the deprivation of the world from knowing the Moroccan wrong deeds, perpetrated in total violation of human rights".

"Morocco has, for a very long time carried out a policy of abductions, political murder, systematic torture, forced displacement, arbitrary arrest of individuals, families and groups, ransacked houses, destroyed property, slaughtered cattle, all of these crimes exercised against unarmed and innocent Saharawi civilians, in addition to the restrictions put on the political and civil rights, freedoms and the prohibition of association and peaceful assembly, and other economic, social and cultural rights." Mr Lamine deplored.

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