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Human Rights Watch call Morocco to ensure Fair Trial

Morocco/Western Sahara: Activists Need Fair Trial
(Paris, December 10, 2005) – The Moroccan government must ensure fair trials for eight jailed human rights defenders from the Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara, Human Rights Watch said today. The trial of seven of them, who are facing dubious charges of fomenting and participating in violence, is set to resume on Tuesday in the territory’s main city, Laayoune.

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The Saharawi children in the occupied territories of W.Sahara has a story to tell!!!

Aaiun Again, 6 Arrested and two Wounded

6 persons at lest arrested and two others wounded after new demonstrations in three Saharawi cities

El Aaiun (occupied territories of Western Sahara), 08/12/2005(SPS) Moroccan forces of repression arrested 5 persons in El Aaiun and 1 person in Smara, last Wednesday, after demonstrations that broke the same day in these two Saharawi cities under Moroccan occupation, and also in Boujdour, to denounce the assassination of Martyr Lekhlipha Abba cheikh, who was killed by a Moroccan soldier in Tan Tan (south Morocco), indicated SPS’s correspondents on the ground.
Demonstrator, backed by the mothers of Saharawi students, lifted SADR’s flags and chanted slogans against the Moroccan occupation. The demonstrators marched through many streets of the El Aaiun before been brutally dispersed by the different corps of the Moroccan repressive apparatus. According to the same source at least 2 persons were wounded, mainly Mr. Selama Yehdih Libeynhat, and his mother Mrs. Salka Hameida, who was ill-treated by the Moroccan agents.
The Moroccan forces of occupation, who arrested Saharawi citizens, Mr. Chekouti Cheikh El Ouali, Mr. Sid'Ahmed Ndour, Mr. Boutebaa Saleh, Mr. Boughambour Othman, Mr. Chab Saadi, in El Aaiun and Mr. Said Mohamed Baha in Smara, also ransacked three Saharawi houses in El Aaiun and another one in Smara, it was indicated.
On another hand, the director of the secondary school, "El Khansa", in El Aaiun, expelled 12 Saharawi students because they participated in peaceful demonstrations claiming for Saharawi people’s right to self-determination and independence as well as the release of all Saharawi political prisoners.
On their part, Saharawi citizens of the city of Smara organised a peaceful demonstration calling to the Saharawi people’s right to self-determination and denouncing the assassination of the young Saharawi Martyr, Lekhlipha Abba Cheikh, last Saturday in Tan Tan (south Morocco).
The flags of SADR were lifted in the streets of Smara and pictures of the Martyr of dignity and freedom, El Ouali Mustapha Seyid, and of the President of the Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, as well as pictures of the Martyr of the Intifada, Lembarki Hamdi El Mahjoub, were distributed.(SPS)
020/090/000/TRD 081315 Dec 05 SPS

A new Saharawi victim in the "black prison"

A Saharawi victim of a fire in the prison of El Aaiun
El Aaiun 08/12/05 (SPS) A Saharawi political prisoner, Ismaili Hamadi, lost consciousness, Tuesday evening, for hours as a result to a fire in the prison of the Carcel Negra in El Aaiun (occupied capital of Western Sahara), according to concordant sources.
Mr. Ismaili Hamadi, was sleeping among his comrades, on Tuesday night, when he was awaked by the sound of an electric short-circuit that destroyed all the electrical installation o the prison in the Carcel Negra in El Aaiun.
While he was helping his friends to put out the fire, Hamadi, fell suffocating because of the smoke for a long period without receiving any help from the administration of the prison, the same source added. (SPS)

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