Wednesday, November 30, 2005

6 Arrested 11 Houses ransacked by Moroccan Forces

6 persons arrested and 11 houses ransacked by Moroccan forces after new demonstrations in Smara
Smara (occupied Territories), 30/11/2005(SPS) At least 6 persons were arrested during a big demonstration held on Tuesday in the Tan Tan and Ouad Deheb Avenues in the occupied city of Smara (Western Sahara), in which demonstrators were claiming for the withdrawal of Moroccan forces of occupation from the territory and for Saharawi people's right to self-determination, indicated concordant sources.
Demonstrators lifted SADR's flags in the Ouad Deheb Avenue, chanting slogans addressed to the Moroccan authorities, affirming that "the sole solution to the conflict in Western Sahara is independence", it was indicated.
Moroccan forces of occupation brutally intervened to disperse the demonstrators, ransacking 11 Saharawi houses and arresting 6 persons, at least, mainly Mr. Beidillah Brahim Hamoudi Cheikh Ali, Mr. Nteitich Youcef Heydih Ould Youcef, Mr. Zougham El Ouali Saidi Mahmoud Bahaha, Mr. El Kadiri Mahmoud Said, Mr. Ghali Mansour, and Mr. El Ghasmi Degana Limam.
The families of the arrestees denounced the barbarous intervention against the demonstrators and called for the release of their sons in a sit-in they organised in front of the police station of the city, where the 6 detainees were held.
On their part, Saharawi students of two secondary schools in the occupied capital of Western Sahara, El Aaiun, organised in the same day a demonstration in Maatallah, El Qods, El Khalil and Sidi Mohamed Deddach Streets, claiming for the independence and the immediate withdrawal of Moroccan occupation from the territory.
According to the same sources, the Moroccan forces of repression brutally intervened to disperse the students, it was underlined. (SPS)

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