Friday, November 25, 2005

Aguerre's Prize awarded to three Saharawi Artists

Diego Aguerre’s Price awarded to three Saharawi artists
(Special Envoy)
Dakhla (refugee camps), 25/11/2005(SPS) Diego Aguerre’s Price, dedicated to the best books on traditional games, popular tells and history and geography paintings, was awarded to Hacim Brahim, Moustapha Houssein Mohamed Moulaye et Mohamed Abdarahim.
The ceremony took place with the presence of the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz, members of the Government and the Secretary General of the Spanish Youth Organisation (OJE), Angel Abad Ayuso.
"A joint initiative between the OJE and the Saharawi Youth organization (UJSARIO) that aims at conserving the historical memory and Saharawi people’s history", Mr. Ayuso underlined during this ceremony.
Intervening during the ceremony, the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz, paid "a high tribute" to a person that is "loved much by Saharawi people, the late José Ramon Diego Aguerre", who has "largely contributed in the writing of the Saharawi people’s and Western Sahara’s history".
He also thanked "all the peoples of Spain, its civil society, organisations and institutions for their solidarity and their efforts in favour of "the independence of the Saharawi people".
The late José Ramon Diego Aguirre, former Spanish officer, is the first foreigner to get the Saharawi honorific nationality, and who wrote many books on the conflict and history of the colonisation of Western Sahara, mainly in his book "the Spanish Sahara, the truth on a betrayal", it should be recalled.(SPS)
010/DHL/000/TRD 251250 Nov 05 SPS

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