Saturday, November 19, 2005

Demonstration resumed again

Demonstrations break again in occupied El Aaiun and Dakhla
El Aaiun (occupied territories), 18/11/2005 (SPS) Demonstrations took again, Thursday, in the occupied capital of Western Sahara, Al Aaiun, and in Dakhla city. Confrontations between demonstrators claiming for Saharawi people’s right to self-determination and independence and Moroccan colonial forces engendered 6 injured persons in Dakhla and two in El Aaiun, according to concordant sources.
In El Aaiun the first demonstration took place at 11.00 GMT in the Chrif Raddi Avenue to reach the intersection of Skeikima Avenue before been dispersed by the forces of police, GUS and auxiliary forces, who had sealed the neighbouring streets so as to keep other Saharawis from joining the protest, it was indicated.
Two other demonstrations were started in the afternoon, one organised three hours after the first, in the same neighbourhood in El Aaiun. The brutal intervention by the Moroccan colonial forces resulted in the devastation and ransacking of 6 Saharawi houses and the arrest of Mr. Joumaii Abdi Mahjoub Jamaa, who was transferred to the IV police station where he underwent torture and interrogatories, the same sources indicated.
In Dakhla demonstrations started in the evening. Demonstrators were lifting SADR’s flags and chanting slogans against the Moroccan colonialism. Sources reported many injured persons, including Mr. Mane Ould Ely, whose car was put in fire by the police, while the house of one of the Chioukhs (notables recognised by the UN in the identification of voters in the referendum) was ransacked and plundered by the forces of intervention, it was added.
Since last Sunday, Saharawi occupied cities are the theatre to regular confrontations between peaceful demonstrators and Moroccan authorities, which appealed to the army to suppress the demonstrators.
A non declared permanent state of siege is reinforced in the occupied cities of Western Sahara for the last six days, and the territory remains closed to the international Medias
The President of the Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, warned the UN’s Secretary General, Kofi Annan, in a letter he sent on Thursday, about a "probable genocide" in El Aaiun, calling to "a urgent UN’s intervention" in order to "prevent new abuses", to protect Saharawi citizens and guarantee them their legitimate right to demonstration, free expression and movement, it should be recalled. (SPS)
010/090/110/TRD 181304 nov 05 SPS

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