Sunday, November 06, 2005


november 06, 2005

Polisario Front-European Parliament
Geneva, 05/11/2005 (SPS) The European Parliament (EP) congratulated Polisario Front for its commitment to destroy its anti-personnel mines, estimating that this "courageous decision" shows the will of Saharawis to resolve the conflict "in peaceful ways conforming to the international legality", reported a press release publicised Friday by the EP’s intergroupe for Western Sahara."We invite Morocco to show similar will with substantial deeds, as a first step towards the destruction of the notorious wall, which does not only divide the territory of Western Sahara but also a whole people and families for more than three decades", declared the intergroup’s President, Mrs. Karin Scheele.The text, further, condemned ad denounced "successive human rights violations committed by Moroccan police and army in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, especially the horrible and abject assassination of the young Lambarki Hamdi, last October the 30th 2005, for the simple reason of having demonstrated in a peaceful way claiming for the respect of the international resolutions for a definitive solution to the conflict".On another hand, the Euro-parliamentarians demanded "the opening of an independent, impartial, transparent and competent investigation", on the circumstances of the crime, so as to define and punish the authors, calling for "the remuneration" of the family of the late "in an adequate and respectful way".They also required "the respect of the right to free expression and demonstration" in the occupied territories of Western Sahara. (SPS)040/090/000/TRD 051650 Nov 05 SPSup

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