Friday, November 25, 2005

Exchange of families visits resumed again

Resume of visits' exchange between Saharawi families separated by Moroccan occupation
Chahid El Hafed, 24/11/2005 (SPS) The visits' exchange for the Saharawi families separated by Moroccan occupation, organised under the aegis of the UN, will be resumed this Friday the 25th of November 2005, according to a source close to the Saharawi Committee for the referendum.
The beneficiaries of this operation, which comes within the framework of the Confidence building measures adopted by the UN's Security Council, will be 28 persons in total, all of them from the wilaya de Ausserd (refugee's camp) and will travel to El Aaiun (the occupied capital of Western Sahara). Meanwhile, 27 other Saharawis will be coming from the occupied territories to the wilaya of Ausserd, the same source indicated.
These visits are expected, always according to the Saharawi Committee for the referendum, to be carried on until next month an will touch all the cities of Western Sahara and all Saharawi refugee's camps.
This operation, which was initiated by the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees in 2003, enabled the reuniting of more than a thousand Saharawi for short periods of 5 days. It was blocked, at the end of 2004, by the Moroccan Government, which refused to subscribe until a recent date to the operation while Polisario Front has expressed his acceptance of the pursuit of the UNHCR's programme since the beginning.
Saharawi Coordinator with the MINURSO, M. M'hamed Khdad, had underlined last October the 5th 2005 in a written statement, that POLISARIO Front doubts about the sincerity of this new Moroccan volte-face because "Rabat has always denied the engagements it takes before of the international community and is blocking to this day the enforcement of the latter's decisions".
He questioned the good will of Morocco "in particular, at a moment when the fierce repression that started last May is increasingly striking the Saharawi populations in the occupied territories and in the south of Morocco. The occupied territories are still put, it should be recalled, under Moroccan military forces siege while 37 Saharawi prisoners of opinion, who have just stopped a 51 days hunger strike, are still detained, in inhumane conditions in the cells of the Carcel negra".
It should be recalled that besides the exchanges of visits between the families separated by a 30 years conflict maintained by Moroccan colonialism in contradiction and despise of international Law and legality, UN also proposes the exchange of mail, telephone calls and the organisation of seminaries. Measures still rejected by Morocco. (SPS)
040/090/000/TRD 242210 nov 05 SPS

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