Friday, November 18, 2005

More demonstrations in Smara and Dakhla

Smara (occupied territory), 17/11/2005 (SPS) The two biggest cities of Western Sahara after the Capital, El Aaiun, were the theatre of confrontations on Tuesday between Saharawi demonstrators claiming for the independence of their country and Moroccan colonial forces, reported concordant sources.In Smara the students of the secondary school of "Saguiet El Hamra" organized a sit-in in their school to express their solidarity with the victims of the Moroccan repression in El Aaiun and claimed for self-determination, chanting slogans against Moroccan colonialism and affirming their attachment to Polisario Front and its objective of the independence of Western Sahara.Four students at least were arrested and submitted to brutal interrogatories, while the parents of many students were convoked by the colonial administration in the city to intimidate them and pressure them control their children, it was indicated.IN Dakhla (Villa Cisneros), demonstrators, who were lifting SADR’s flags and pictures of Martyr Lembarki Hamdi, marched through the main streets of the city claiming for the release of Saharawi political prisoners, self-determination of their people and the withdrawal of Moroccan colonialism, before been brutally dispersed by police.The demonstration, which was started on Tuesday evening, continued on Wednesday morning.

Many injured persons were declared, though their exact number is not yet defined, while at least two men, Hamdi Bousseif and Salek Mahmoud Salama, were arrested, the same sources indicated.
At least 57 persons were arrested, 97 injured and more than 32 houses ransacked by the Moroccan military and police corps during the demonstrations, it should be recalled. (SPS)

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