Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Polisario Protests to EU

Representación para Europa

Brussels 7th of November, 2005

Mrs Benita Ferrero-Waldner
Commissioner for External Relations
& European Neighbourhood Policy

Dear Commissioner,

On 30 October 2005, the Saharawi citizen, LEMBAREK HAMDI SALEK MAHJOUB, died in El Aïoun (capital of Western Sahara under Moroccan occupation) as a result of blows and injuries inflicted by the Moroccan police force known as GUS (the sinister Urban Security Corps). This young man, aged 32 years, was arrested on Saturday, 29 October, while he was taking part in a peaceful demonstration with other Sahrawis. He was tortured to death.

It is a case of political murder and a premeditated assassination that has driven the family of the victim and the entire Saharawi people into deep mourning.

It is the proof that the Moroccan authorities of occupation are determined to go to the extent of committing a crime in their attempt to stifle the voice of defenceless civil population unwavering in its demand of right and justice.

It also shows the gravity of the current situation in the occupied Western Sahara, which is marked by massive violations of human rights: abduction, persecution, torture and detention in despicable conditions coupled with intimidation of families and denial of entry to the territory by international observers…

This recent act of the occupying authorities is taking place only 3 days after the European Parliament demanded Morocco, in its resolution of 27 October 2005, to put an end to its politics of repression and oppression in Western Sahara. That is to say the contempt demonstrated by this country towards international decisions and resolutions.

In light of these highly serious developments, we demand you:

To publicly condemn the Moroccan State for the murder of LEMBAREK HAMDI SALEK MAHJOUB,

To demand Morocco to immediately cease its policies of violence and repression targeting the Saharawi civil population that is only demonstrating peacefully to demand its right to self-determination.

This crime committed by Morocco in broad daylight is in flagrant contradiction with the values of justice, liberty, democracy and respect for human rights that are the founding values of Europe. It is in this context that, for months, Morocco has been holding in detention more than 40 Saharawi prisoners of conscience including Aminattou Haidar and Ali Salem Tamek.

The situation now necessitates that the European Union engages in a firm and urgent action towards the Moroccan Government that must not be allowed to continue to act like this with impunity. For it is true that Morocco has so far been benefiting from the generosity of the EU, without being worried too much or feeling compelled to implement the clauses relating to the respect for human rights enshrined in the association agreement concluded with this country.

Hoping that you will duly heed the call of the Saharawi defenceless population, I renew to you the assurances of my highest consideration.

Mohamed SIDATI
Minister Delegate for Europe
Member of the National Executive Board

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