Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Saharawi Parliament celebrates its 30 Anniversary

Saharawi National Council celebrate its 30th anniversary
Aousserd (Saharawi refugee camps), 29/11/2005(SPS) Saharawi National Council (Parliament) celebrated on Monday in the wilaya of Aousserd, its 30th anniversary under the presidency of the Saharawi Prime Minister, Abdelkader Taleb Omar.
All national authorities, new and former members of the Saharawi National Council, national and foregn guests attended this celebration to which the families of former members of the Council who died since its creation 30 years ago.
Speaking before the participants, Mr. Mahfoud Ali Beiba, current President of the Council, gave a chronology of the stages of the activities of his body since its creation in 1975.
The President of the Parliament stressed the need to make of this institution, "a body for the cooperation and complementarity between all national institutions".
On another hand, he paid tribute to the Saharawi resistance in the occupied territories, calling to its moral and material support underlining that it is "one of the means of struggle Saharawi people count with for the liberation of its territory from the Moroccan occupation".
M. Ahmed baba Ahmed Miské, one of the eleven former Presidents of the Parliament congratulated the institution, in his speech, for its achievement despite of the conditions and circumstances of work, hoping for a better development for this body and freedom and independence for the Saharawi people.
Four other interventions followed, in particular one on behalf of Algerian Parliament, another on behalf of the Association ANARASD. (SPS)
040/090/000/TRD 291245 nov 05 SPS

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