Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Saharawi political prisoners demand judgment before an international court

Brought before the colonial court 14 Saharawi political prisoners demand judgment before an international court
El Aaiun (occupied territories), 22/11/2005 (SPS) Brought on Tuesday before the Moroccan colonial court in El Aaiun, 14 Saharawi political prisoners refused to recognise the legitimacy of this court demanding to be judged by an international one and reiterated their political position in favour of the independence of Western Sahara, reported the correspondent of SPS on the ground.
"The judges looked troubled by the presence of some foreign journalists and observers especially from Spain and Morocco, and were further troubled when the Saharawi political prisoners openly declared the Moroccan court illegal, being the Representative of the colonial regime that occupies Western Sahara in complete violation of the international legality since 1975", he said.
The Saharawi political prisoners also reiterated their attachment to Saharawi people's right to self-determination and independence, underlining that they "refuse to recognise the accusations falsified by the Moroccan judicial system, which is famous by its injustice and by its repressive methods of repression", indicated a close source to the lawyers of the prisoner who asked for secrecy.
"It is simply ridiculous that the Moroccan judicial authorities stubbornly continue accusing internationally recognised figures such as Mrs. Aminatou Haidar, nominee to the Sajarov Price for human rights, Tamek, Noumria and the others Saharawi detainees of 'constitution of criminal groups', 'violence against employees of the State'...etc, refusing to recognise them their status as political prisoners while the European Parliament, many European national Parliaments and parliamentarians from other continents, including from the US congress clearly define the Saharawi detainees as detainees of consciousness calling for their release and stressing their political claims, their courage and determination to continue the Saharawi people's struggle for independence in peaceful ways", the same source added.
The 14 political prisoners presented under tight security measures, are Mr. Aminatou Haidar, Mr. Ali Salem Tamek, Mr. Laarbi Massoud, Mr. Noumria Brahim, Mr. Mohamed El Moutawakil, Mr. Lidri ElHoussein, Mr. Hmad Hamad, Mr. El Moussaoui Sidi Ahmed, Mr. Balla Mohamed, Mr. Chtioui Mahjoub, Mr. Tahlil Mohamed, Mr. ElJenhi Lekhlifa, Mr. Amidan El Wali, and Mr. Lehouidi Mahmouf.
The lawyers of the political prisoners asked for the postponement of the trial describing it as « iniquitous ». They also asked for conditioned release to their clients, but the Moroccan colonial court refused it reporting the trial however to this November the 30th, the same sources indicated. (SPS)

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