Friday, December 09, 2005

A new Saharawi victim in the "black prison"

A Saharawi victim of a fire in the prison of El Aaiun
El Aaiun 08/12/05 (SPS) A Saharawi political prisoner, Ismaili Hamadi, lost consciousness, Tuesday evening, for hours as a result to a fire in the prison of the Carcel Negra in El Aaiun (occupied capital of Western Sahara), according to concordant sources.
Mr. Ismaili Hamadi, was sleeping among his comrades, on Tuesday night, when he was awaked by the sound of an electric short-circuit that destroyed all the electrical installation o the prison in the Carcel Negra in El Aaiun.
While he was helping his friends to put out the fire, Hamadi, fell suffocating because of the smoke for a long period without receiving any help from the administration of the prison, the same source added. (SPS)

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