Monday, January 23, 2006


CNASPS denounces Moroccan violations of the international legality in Western Sahara
Algiers, 22/01/2006 (SPS) The Algerian National Committee of solidarity with the Saharawi people (CNASPS) denounced, on Sunday, "the colonial policy adopted by Morocco in Western Sahara", condemning Moroccan violation of the international legality in the territory and calling for the finishing of the decolonisation of the same conforming to the UN's pertinent resolutions, reported Algerian Press Agency, APS.
The Committee denounced, in a press release APS quoted, "Morocco for the violation of the international legality by rejecting the UN's peace plan and its systematic violations of human rights in the occupied territories" of Western Sahara.
It also regretted that "Morocco, which proved to be insensitive to the international community's petitions", is keeping with its "harsh and violent campaigns of repression against the popular resistance for freedom and independence in the occupied Saharawi territories".
Further, the CNASPS asked, anew, the UN's Secretary General, the UN's Security Council's Members, the Presidents of the European Committee, the European Union, the European Council, The European Parliament and to the President and Secretary General of the African Union as well as the UN's S.G's Personal Envoy "to act in favour of the strict respect of the UN's General Assembly's resolutions that decided the organisation of a free and regular self-determination referendum without constraints in Western Sahara".
On another hand, the Committee called for the "enforcement of the UN's Security Council's resolution 1495, which has once and for all consecrated Saharawi people's right to self-determination and which reaffirmed the attachment and accountability of the Security Council in the process that should lead to the finishing of the decolonisation of the territory of Western Sahara". (SPS)

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