Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Student protest in Smara occupied W.SAHARA

Saharawi students in the occupied city of Smara protest against the abusive dismissal of two of their comrades
Smara (occupied territories), 04/12/2006 (SPS) The Saharawi students in a secondary school in the occupied city of Smara organised a sit-in on Tuesday asking for the return of two of their comrades, Karoum Salam and Baha Said, who were fired by the administration of the school "for racist motives", indicated the correspondent of SPS on the ground.
"The two students had rigorously protested against racist insults they received from a Moroccan teacher who called them 'dirty Saharawis'. The administration of the establishment decided to deprive them from their right to study without any previous warning", the same source stressed.
During this sit-in, which coincided with the celebrations of the New Year 2006, the students denounced these repressive practices inflicted by the Moroccan authorities against Saharawis, the same source added.
They also chanted slogans in favour f the self-determination and independence of Western Sahara, in solidarity with the peaceful demonstrations waged since last May 2005 in the occupied territories of the non-self-governing territory and south Morocco. (SPS)

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