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Uruguay Recognises SADR

Chahid El Hafed, 27/12/2005 (SPS) Uruguay’s recognition of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) is a strong message to the international community to accelerate the decolonisation of Western Sahara conforming to the international legality", indicated Mr. Lehreitani Lehssan, in charge of a mission at the Saharawi presidency, in a statement to SPS.

"This recognition by Uruguay of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, which occurs at a moment when the UN is still hesitating in enforcing its resolutions on the conflict, is a strong message to the international community, in particular to the UN’s Security Council, to accelerate the decolonisation of Western Sahara conforming to the international legality through the organisation of a free and regular self-determination referendum", Mr. Lehssen underlined.

He further considered that besides being "a blow to the Moroccan policy of repression against the Saharawi civil population in uprisings, to advocate their inalienable rights to self-determination and independence, since last May in all the occupied Saharawi cities of Western Sahara", this recognition is also "a consecration of the SADR at an international level in a moment when the Saharawi people get ready to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the constitution of their Republic".

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay announced, on Monday the 26th of December 2005, its official recognition of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), according to a press release co-signed the day in Montevideo by the Saharawi and Uruguayan Ministers for Foreign Affairs, respectively Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Salek and Mr. Reinaldo Gargano.

Uruguay joins that way the example of the recent recognitions by South Africa last September 2004, and the Republic Kenya last June 2005. This step is "a big success for the Saharawi diplomacy", observers noted.

Proclaimed in February the 27th 1976 and a founding Member of the African Union (AU), SADR, which will commemorate its 30th anniversary in 2006 in the liberated territories, in Tifariti, is recognised by more than 70 countries world wide, it should be recalled. (SPS)

Algerian Caravan of solidarity with the Saharawi people left Algiers heading towards the Saharawi refugee camps

Algiers, 27/12/2005 (SPS) Algerian Caravan of solidarity with the Saharawi people, organised by the General Union of Algerian Students (UGEA- in French), left Algiers, on Monday morning, heading towards the Saharawi refugee camps, indicated the Algerian Press Agency, APS.

Composed of Students, dozen Representatives of Associations, doctors as well as journalists, this caravan is transporting drugs, blankets, food, school articles as well as a mobile hospital, including a laboratory for analysis.

Representatives of political parties as well as humanitarian organisations were present during the departure of this caravan, which theme is: "Solidarity and freedom for the Saharawi people", and which will end this January the 4th.

The caravan, which will pass by many Algerian cities such as Aïn Defla, Relizane and Sidi Bel Abbès where many cultural, artistic, scientific and sport activities will be organised, will also stop in the 28th of December in the Algerian city of Bechar to before heading to the Saharawi refugee camps via Tindouf in the 29th of December.

In the Saharawi refugee camp of Smara, a "rich and varied" programme, which aims at getting the Algerian participants to the caravan closer to the Saharawi population, will start this December the 30th to end in January the 1st.

The President of UGEA indicated that this initiative aims at "raising the awareness of the international opinion on the difficult situation the Saharawi people are living", and to stress on "the urgency" of supporting them so as to help them get back their "inalienable national rights, in this special case their right to self-determination".

On his part, the Representative of the Algerian Red Crescent (ARC) indicated that this initiative is a gesture of solidarity which especially directed to the Saharawi students.

"It is a question of an intense solidarity towards the Saharawi students, who are demonstrating now in EL Aaiun (the occupied capital of the Saharawi Republic)", affirmed the ARC’s representative, adding that it is also an "appreciated act" of activism from the Algerian students.

Mr. Bouhedja Saïd, member of the Secretariat of the Executive Body of the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) and Mr. Miloud Chorfi, Spokesperson of the Algerian National Democratic Alliance (RND), stressed on the importance of maintaining such action, which is initiated by the Algerian youth towards the population of Western Sahara. (SPS)

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