Saturday, March 11, 2006


The Republican Left of Catalonia calls on the Spanish Government to recognise the Saharawi Republic
Madrid, 02/03/2006 (SPS) The Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC, Republican Left of Catalonia) presented a draft motion to the Congress (Parliament's low chamber), in which it called on the Spanish Government to "officially" recognise the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic.
The Draft, which was registered for debates in the Committee for International Cooperation for Development, exhorted the Spanish Government to "establish bilateral horizontal relations with the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic'', ''which is recognised by the African Union and many other countries", recalled the Algerian Press Agency, APS.
It also urged for the "promotion of cooperation" between Spain and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, in particular with regards to the "basic needs of the Saharawi population".
The text of the draft asks the Spanish Executive to "insist", within the relevant international bodies, on "the urgent need to resolve the abnormal situation prevailing in the Saharawi territories" and to "subordinate the accords with the Moroccan State to the guarantees and the respect of human rights of the Saharawi population" in the Saharawi occupied territories.
ERC also recalled that Spain's adherence to the UN in 1955 implicated "the acceptation of the principles of decolonisation". "Nonetheless, the Party stressed, Spain differed the process (the decolonisation of the Western Sahara- Ed) until in 1965, when it was invited to start the process".
The Catalonian Party, on another hand, recalled that the UN had dispatched an ad-hoc Committee to the occupied territories in 1975, has noted Saharawi people's "desire for independence" and their "fear from the annexationist exploitation of Morocco and Mauritania.
"The Spanish State has got a historical responsibility and a moral debt towards the Saharawi people, and the Saharawi Republic hopes hat Madrid assumes its fundamental role in the process that should lead to the independence of the Saharawis", the same source said.
The Esquerra Republicana de Catalonia is represented in the Catalonian Congress (8 seats) as well as in the Catalonian Parliament (23 seats). This party is also member of the Coalition Government of Catalonia. (SPS)

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