Saturday, March 11, 2006


WFP calls on donators to increase their contribution of humanitarian aid to the Saharawi refugees
Brussels, 25/02/2006 (SPS) The World Food Programme (WFP) asked the donators, on Friday, to increase their contribution for the aid in favour of the Saharawis now that it is obvious that "a serious deficiency in the humanitarian aid threatens the whole Saharawi refugees populations", reported the Algerian Press Service, APS.
In a press release, publicised by the organisation on Friday, the WFP indicated that i twill soon send an emergency humanitarian aid to the Saharawi populations, who were victims to weather torments in the Saharawi refugee camps. It evaluated the food emergency needs to 3.6 millions dollars in favour of the refugees, who are "totally dependent" of this aid to survive for the next six months.
WFP also asked the donators "not to abandon the Saharawi refugees, who are living in very difficult conditions in the middle of the desert where they have no chance to earn their living.
The European Committee, on its side, has dedicated an emergency aid evaluated to 400.000 euros to the disaster-stricken Saharawi refugees, it should be recalled.
This aid allowed the WFP to borrow strategic stocks from the Humanitarian Department of the European Committee to provide emergency food to the refugees for a month. (SPS)

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