Thursday, August 31, 2006

UN's Special Representative, Mr Bastagli Resigned

The last news of Western Sahara conflict and the occupied territories of Western Sahara

Chahid El Hafed, 24/08/2006 The UN’s Special Representative for the Western Sahara, the Italian, Francisco Bastagli, regretted on Wednesday to be ending his mandate while "the Saharawi conflict is still opened at the political level", he indicated in a statement to the press. Mr. Bastagli, who was invited to a luncheon offered by the President of the Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, at the "Houssine Tamek" residency, has highly saluted "the collaboration of the Saharawi party during (his) mandate at the head of the Minurso". He also said he was confident in "the will of the Saharawi people to guarantee their future and to face the challenges, and also in the efforts of the UN to support the self-determination of this people", who "will contribute to the bringing of a satisfying solution to the conflict of the Western Sahara". The Saharawi President , Mr Mohamed Abdelaziz, on his side regretted the fact that Mr. Bastagli, has finished his functions while the conflict remains in "a real impasse" because of the "delays registered in the implementation of the peace plan and due to the Morocco government intransigence position ".He further expressed his "deep concern about the situation of the Saharawi civilians in the territories occupied by Morocco and the need to impose the respect of the fundamental rights and human rights as well as to open the territory to international and independent observers".Mr. Abdelaziz also noted "the humanitarian character" of the visits between the families who are separated since 30 years by a military wall, and the "vitality of resuming them as soon as possible".
Chahid El Hafed, 12/08/2006 The African National Congress (ANC) and the POLISARIO Front urged the Moroccan Government to "withdraw all its occupying forces from the Saharawi territory and to respect the sovereignty of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic within its internationally recognized borders".

The two movements expressed their concern about the situation in the occupied territories of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, "particularly the oppression to which the defenceless Saharawis are being subjected", regretting "that in the 21st century the objectionable phenomenon of colonialism is still underway in Africa where an African country is still colonizing another African country".

In is respect they condemned "the blind repressive practices deployed by the Moroccan occupying forces", asking for these practices "to cease immediately and for the prisoners of conscience to be released without delay and unconditionally".

They also called on the United Nations "to intervene urgently to protect the Saharawi civilians and to put all necessary measures in place to safeguard their fundamental human rights and to ensure free access to the occupied territories by independent observers and the media in order to witness and gain knowledge of the realities on the ground".

The two movements of liberation finally signed a plan of joint action aimed to "strengthening the bonds of cooperation and solidarity already existing between them and diversifying the scope of exchange in all areas of common interest".

Inzegan (south of Morocco) 30/08/2006 Saharawi political prisoners declared they will undertake a 48 hours hunger strike starting from Today ,30th August, to protest against the inhumane treatments they are subjected to by the Moroccan penitentiary administration .
The Saharawi political prisoners in the Moroccan prisons of Inzegan and Ait Melloul (Morocco), demanded to be "separated from the Moroccan criminals" in the prison of Ait Melloul, as well as to have access to medical care and to the right to be visited by their families.The Saharawi political prisoners are: Abdallahi Ali Salem Hassan, Mohamed Soueilim Mohamed El Abd Tamek, Oumar Boujemaa Moueilid, Brahim Hassana Mabrek, El Bachir Yahdih Abdallahi Najii, Hamdi Ahmed Fall M'Barek, Driss Moulaye Faraji Al Mansouri, Cheikh El Kori Bouzeid Benka, Brahim Ali Lahcen, Moustapha Ahmed bakrimi, Salama Mouloud Brahim Lahmam, Weissi Mohamed Sidi Kharchi, Khalifa Mohamed Sid'Ahmed and Al Houssein Essahel Sidi Oumar Lefkir. On another hand, the Saharawi political prisoners, Laasseri Salek and Amidan Saleh reach now the 30 days in their unlimited hunger strike they are undertaking in the Moroccan prison of Kenitra, faced by the Moroccan penitentiary authorities’ refusal to meet their demands .

El Aaiun (occupied territories), 29/08/2006 Three youngsters a least were arrested by the Moroccan forces of repression in the 'Nil' campus, which is situated in the El Aaiun Beach within the framework of a wide campaign of arrests and terror it is leading against the Saharawi youth in the occupied territories of the Western Sahara. The young Saharawis: Zekabi Moustapha, Laghatt Abderrahmane an Karzaz Bachir were arrested on Sunday by the colonial Moroccan Royal gendarme, which "threatened them by sexual harassment and savagely tortured them". The Moroccan forces of repression redoubled their presence in this campus, so as to stop "possible" demonstration might be carried out by young Saharawis . El Aaiun (occupied territories), 29/08/2006 The Saharawi ex-political prisoner, Bouamoud Mohamed Salem, launched "an urgent" plea to the international human rights organisations on Tuesday asking them "to exercise pressures" on the Moroccan Government so as to "compel it respect the human rights in the occupied territories of the Western Sahara and in the south of Morocco". And an opening of an investigation about the torture and human rights abuses he was subject to. HE called for a “prompt” holding of a self-determination referendum for the Saharawi people, the referendum been "the democratic way that can lighten the sufferings of this people", urging the UN to enlarge the mandate and prerogative of its mission in the territory, the MINURSO, so as to include the protection of the Saharawi civilians from the Moroccan repression.Bojador (occupied territories), 26/08/2006 Three Saharawi citizens at least were recently arrested in Bojador by the Moroccan forces , they have been accused of the possession of the Saharawi national flags and videos of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the Saharawi Republic. the people concerned are : Anahi Brahim, Khatri Saaidi and Baba Damia Khayar,
Chahid El Hafed, 10/08/2006 The Saharawi Intifada for independence, is a real non-violent civil resistance and a turning point that comes as a shift between armed force and diplomacy, that may transform this difficult conflict and put an end to a "repressive occupation", according to a study recently publicised by the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute.

The study wrote by Dr. Maria J. Stephan, the Manager of Educational Initiatives at the International Centre on Non-violent Conflict, and Jacob Mundy, who was a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco (1999-2001) and is a graduate student in Middle East Studies at the University of Washington. He is the co-author (with Stephen Zunes) of an upcoming book on the conflict over Western Sahara.

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