Sunday, September 03, 2006

Occupied territories W.SAHARA

At least 11 persons arrested in the occupied cities of El Aaiun and Dajla
El Aaiun (occupied territories), 02/09/2006 (SPS) At least 11 Saharawi citizens were arrested by the Moroccan colonial forces in the occupied cities of El Aaiun and Dajla within the framework of "a campaign of detention and terror" the colonial authorities are launching against the Saharawi human rights activists in the Western Sahara, concordant sources indicated.
Among the arrested persons the same sources reported the case of a Saharawi woman who was arrested by the Moroccan colonial authorities upon her return from a visit she paid to the Mauritanian city of Nouadhibo, accompanied by her three sons and daughter, aged from 3 years to 14years old.
The arrested woman is Mrs. Yaya Salka Terrouzi, who was ill-treated and subjected to interrogatories for hours at the point of control on the Moroccan military wall, which is dividing the territory of the Western Sahara in two separated parts.
She was then transferred to Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie brigade in the occupied city of Dajla and is deprived from receiving visits according to eyewitnesses.
The six other arrested persons: Abeid Soueidi, Beilal Khatari, Bouchalga Salek, Mansour El Amri, Rachidi Mohamed and Houssein Bahia, were arrested for having lifted the Saharawi national flags. They were "savagely" tortured while interrogated for more than 7 hours before they were abandoned in a street after they were deprived of all their money and belongings by police, the same sources added.
On another hand, the ex-Saharawi political prisoners, Lehoueidi Mahmoud and Mohamed Ndour, who is i a very "critical state", were re-arrested and led to the station of the criminal police in the occupied city of El Aaiun. They were subjected to all kinds of torture during the interrogatories, eyewitnesses said, adding that 5 other Saharawi youth, including Mr. Lamach Alay are still in custody in this station. (SPS)

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