Saturday, October 21, 2006

Arrest of a Saharawi human right activist

Arrest OF A Saharawi human rights activist in the occupied city of Bojador
Bojador (occupied territories), The Saharawi ex-political prisoner and President of the Local Section of the Saharawi Association o the victims of the Flagrant Human Violations Committed by the Moroccan State in Bojador (ASVDH), Mr. Tahlil Mohamed, was arrested last Thursday by the Moroccan forces of repression, indicated a press release the Association publicised on Saturday.
Mr. Tahlil was "victim to atrocious torture and was forced to drink a mysterious liquid ,, which has dangerously affected his psychological state, indicated a source close to his family, before he was transferred to the Carcel Negra in El Aaiun".
The press release of the ASVDH talks about a dozen Saharawi citizens who were subjected to torture, intimidation, provocation and arbitrary arrest, adding that many Saharawi houses were ransacked.
The occupied cities of the Western Sahara are subjected since days to "very strong" pressures and are "completely" sealed by the Moroccan repressive forces, the press release recalled.
On another hand, three Saharawi students in the secondary school «Ghadi Ayad » in El Aaiun were arrested by the Moroccan forces of occupation during demonstrations organised in the different schools an secondary schools on the occasion of the anniversary of the first Martyr of the Intifada of independence, Lembarki Hamdi Mahjoub, who was killed under torture in the middle of a street in El Aaaiun by the Moroccan police, in October 2005.
The arrested students are: Sidi Zein Mohamed Moîlid, Sidi Low Sarakh and Mohamed Talbi, alias, Botna, who were "savagely" tortured by the Moroccan forces of repression because of their participation in peaceful demonstrations advocating the Saharawi people's right to self-determination.

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