Saturday, October 21, 2006

It is time for the EU intervention

Polisario asks the EU to intervene so as to end oppression in Western Sahara
Brussels, 20/10/2006 (SPS) Polisario Front asked the European Union to « urgently· intervene so as to put an end to the human rights violations and «all forms of oppression» in the occupied territories of the Western Sahara.
In a letter to the Heads of the European bodies, the Saharawi Minister Councillor at the Presidency in charge for Europe, Mr. Mohammed Sidati, affirmed that the persistence of the human rights violations in the occupied territories of the Western Sahara, has actually reached «unequalled extent, saving no social group», and thus the situation requires «an urgent intervention of the European Union».
One of the bases of the European Union's treaties, the Saharawi diplomat argued, is the respect of human rights, which is «a primordial condition for any country that signs accords with Europe, such as Morocco». Thus, he asked the EU to consider this base in its relation with Morocco.
The Saharawi Minister affirmed that it is with «complaisance if not the manipulation» of some Member States in the E that Morocco « hinders» the peace process n the Western Sahara in proposing, lately, «a so-called solution that goes apart from the Saharawi people's right to govern themselves and goes against their right to self-determination, the only unavoidable framework r a just and lasting solution to the conflict of the Western Sahara».
The «propaganda» spread by Morocco, Mr. Sidati adds, «can no more hide the reality that was unveiled by the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Right», which has clearly described «the worrying situation» of the human rights in the occupied territories of the Western Sahara under the Moroccan occupation.
On another hand, Mr. Sidati expressed his joy about the attitude of the majority of the EU Member States, including the Finland, the current President, for their vote in favour of a resolution on Western Sahara in the UN General Assembly's Fourth Commission on decolonisation.
In fact, he recalled, although France, Spain and Portugal abstained from voting (but did not vote against), other important countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and the Nordic countries had voted in favour of the resolution which reaffirmed the necessity of the decolonisation of the Western Sahara. (SPS)
010/090/700 202003 oct 06 SPS

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