Saturday, August 25, 2007


Former Islamic Armed Group, GIA chief: Moroccans asked me to recruit Saharawi in GIA



The founding father and former emir of the Islamic Armed Group GIA, Abdelhak Laiada, unveiled a chapter of his passage to Morocco in the early 90s, asserting that Moroccans tried to convince him recruit Saharawi students in the GIA but he refused.

The Algerian ex-Emir of GIA indicated in an interview to the Algerian newspaper, EL Khabar that Moroccan authorities "have been seeking to convince me to find Islamist Saharawi students in Algerian universities to recruit them in the GIA”.

According to Abdelhak, "the Moroccan plan was: Once I recruit Saharawi to join GIA, I will have to as them to the occupied city of El Aaiun, where they will be later persecuted by the Moroccan authorities for belonging to an Algerian terrorist group, they asked me to mediate it and give the impression that the Saharawi and the Polisario Front are terrorists."

He stressed that he has long been blackmailed by Moroccans because he refused this Moroccan dirty game and that was the reason behind his extradition to Algerian authorities.

The Moroccan secret services are trying for the last five years to accuse the Saharawi liberation movement, POLISARIO Front, of alleged connection to terrorism to take profit of the international fashion of war against terrorism.

POLISARIO Front is recognised by the UN and by all nations in the world as a liberation movement and is a party to the peace process initiated by the UN to decolonise the Western Sahara, Africa’s last colony illegally occupied by Morocco since 1975.


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